All consumer products go through rigorous product testing before they reach the marketplace and the bigger the business, the more testing that's involved. This series looks at performance testing and how it's handled on some of the most popular products from running shoes, to computers, to cars; they'll all be put through the test lab microscope. 



During WWII, civilians were asked to act as secret agents for the Allies by operating behind enemy lines in Europe and Asia. Many courageous people volunteered to go on hazardous assignments amidst the enemy. They risked their lives in assisting local resistance groups in sabotage or ambush. This documentary focuses on the men and women who acted behind enemy lines.






A series of awe-inspiring programs on world exploration and human discovery. The programs, highly visual and beautifully shot in distant locales around the world, feature extraordinary people exploring extraordinary places. Each episode features breathtaking settings. The series is an adventure in cultural and human geography, profiling images of people and places rarely seen on television.






This intriguing documentary explores the financial and political problems facing South Korea by interweaving them with the hopes and dreams of Koreans trying to come to terms with their country's failures, as well as their own personal struggles. Compelling and human, the documentary puts a personal face on the problems of this Asian nation which not only affects its own stability but that of world financial markets.






Japanese anime is the biggest thing to come out of the East since Godzilla. It's featured on clothing, television, video games and for some, has become a way of life. With the introduction of popular anime series as Pokemon and Sailor Moon, some anime fans have taken their infatuation to the extreme. They spend hours reading comic books, playing video games, making character costumes, and even attending anime conferences. Animania is a documentary that examines the why’s and how’s of the teen obsession with anime and what it means for the future of pop culture.



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