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Podcast Workshop
This workshop will help you understand different financing methods as well as new and innovative approaches to fundraising for television. Each part is 30-35 minute-long.

listen to workshop Part 1 by Felice Gorica
listen to workshop Part 2 by Felice Gorica
listen to workshop Part 3 by Felice Gorica 

The following 30 minute sessions address innovative and alternative ways to create new revenue for media. Click here to listen to all three or individual sessions:

1. Alternative Media Financing Case Studies - Felice Gorica

2. New Model of Financing: The Producer-network-brand parnership - Allan Novak

3. Monetizing the Revolution: Digital Content Business Models – Kate Hanley

Canadian Television Financing: The Buck Starts Here is a comprehensive, entertaining book about the business of Canadian television.  You need this book if you are a producer, a would-be producer, or want to become involved in the television industry. Why? Because this book explains how to produce television programs and how to handle the toughest part of a producer’s job: finding money. 

What you will learn: 

* how to develop marketable ideas and turn them into winning television programs
* how to translate an idea for a television program into a credible proposal on paper
* the steps involved in raising funds, such as approaching television stations and       funding bodies
* case studies that illustrate how experienced producers produce programs

What you will also get: 

* sample forms that can be used as a guideline to perfect funding proposals
* an extensive reference guide that lists television broadcasters across the world who  buy television programs, and the public and private agencies who provide funding. The guide is easily indexed into geographic and thematic areas for quick reference.

The Buck Starts Here details the Canadian industry but also contains American and foreign information. Written in an informative, no-nonsense style, it’s accessible to both experienced producers and anyone interested in the television industry. 

To order the book online, go to



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